Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ali and King

Here are a couple of photos from a costume party at Gerald's job. The event was in August in Washington DC, so of course you have to see the White House in the background. Gerald spent a lot of time getting his costume together. His Mom sewed MUHAMMAD ALI on the back of his championship robe (which he special ordred from the net) and Gerald also traveled to Castle Rock about 20 miles south of our home, to get his prize fighter's belt. Hand wraps and red Everlast boxing gloves completed the get up.

Mr. King's player suit, knuckle rings, Heatmiser-hair, bristly mustache and cane had him looking just like the real deal. In fact, he jumped out from behind a pole at the costume party shouting "There's my fighter!!", much to Ali's surprise.

Overall, they were the world's best looking brother-in-laws and the hit of the event, no pun intended! (8/13)


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