Saturday, December 16, 2006

He's PADI Certified!

"Congrats" to Gerald on completing his PADI diving certification and confined water dives. It took studying a book, watching a DVD, learning diving calculations, a test, lots of hours in the pool and two weekends. He'll complete his open water dives in the next month in St. Kitts. He wants to become a Divemaster, too.

We took a resort course in June 2006 and dove in the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, but in retrospect, Gerald said "I never would have done that if I knew what I know now after getting certified." That's scary . . . but it was pretty fun and amazing to see the fish & wildlife, there.

He also plans to dive with sharks at the Downtown Denver Aquarium in the near future. That's scary too. Baby girl and I will just cheer from land. I think I prefer snorkeling, anyway. Diving hurts my eardrums and I like being closer to the surface . . . and air!

I'm not certified, but here's my "proof" that I scuba dived, too! Not bad for a non-swimmer! May it never be said that I didn't try :)! If you look closely, you'll see a banana in my right hand. That's why there are so many fish around me. Very cool experience!!

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