Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

In June, I was tagged by Goodnapps (Tanya). A few months ago I was also tagged by Chosen Vessel (Abena) I'll just roll these tags together. (I know I'm late gettin' on the bus, but thanks for thinking of me, sistas!)

I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself that most folks wouldn't know, but I'm going to share 10 since I was tagged twice.

1. I'm a VERY successful (fake it til you make it) author of Christian books and my first book is in progress. Anyway, I'm not a "trained" writer, but I guess that will be the beauty of the books' success is that I can give God the credit and not me. I'm competent at a lot of things, but my writing is the one thing that I believe is a gift from God. I actually started my first book the last week of June 2007 so I hope to get it finished and ready for the press soon!! It's about relationships.

2. Having my little girl is my greatest accomplishment in life. I love to see how she's developing and growing. She's truly my miracle. You can see how much she has changed in just the last couple of weeks.

3. I have several ideas for greeting cards and simple artwork and my goal is to get these created and on the market. Once again, fear has been my biggest barrier but I don't know what I'm afraid of. I have nothing to lose.

5. I LOVE to go to the spa. There's nothing better than a luxurious massage and to me, the longer the better. I tell my daughter that she's at the spa when she gets her baths and gets lotioned up. It's never too early to develop the appreciation for the spa!

6. I'm usually running late, but I *really* admire people who are on time. Although people who run late are usually a lot happier than people who are on time. I guess the on time people are mad at those of us who aren't on time.

7. I love to smile. It's free and hopefully, it encourages someone's day.

8. I'm a member of AKA, but I haven't been active for years. I used to really enjoy the sisterhood, but it just hasn't been a priority and I doubt that it will become one in the near future.

9. When I get old (smile), I want to compete in the Senior Olympics. I have no idea what sport, but if I ever learn to swim, it would be cool to compete in swimming. Generally, things come fairly easily to me, but I've tried to learn how to swim for years and haven't mastered it . . . yet.

10. I love to travel. I've been to Mexico, The Holy Land, Jamaica, St. Kitts, France, Germany, Italy, the Bahamas, St. Thomas and many US states. This is something I really enjoy with my husband. Both of us were blessed to travel before marriage, but it's nice to travel with him. (Photo was taken by dh in St. Kitts, January 2007, 6 months pregnant with Jordyn)

I'm not being a good "taggee" right now because I haven't had a chance to check blogs and pass the tag on, but maybe folks who visit can answer this question for a "modified" tag. What do you believe is the most powerful or influential talent/gift you have and how are you using it in your life today?