Sunday, November 25, 2007

Life Update

Much has been going on in the last several months. Of course, with the baby here, she is the highlight of my life :). She's happy, healthy and blessed.

* I didn't finish my book that I mentioned in a previous post :(, but I've been working pretty diligently on a line of greeting cards and that's coming along nicely. I've been trying to put most of my free time into that and the baby so that's why I haven't posted in so long.

* I also started making baby bodysuits (onesies) that are really cute. I had a concept for marketing them and everything, but I also know within my heart that won't be as fun when my daughter outgrows them. So, I'll continue that as a hobby or by request.

* I started a new job at helping companies with their 401K plans. I can't say the job is exciting, but the flexibility is good and the people Im working with are pretty nice. I'd love something with a little more "glamour" though. It's funny. I don't see myself as a glamourous person, but my job just seems so drab. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful, but maybe I haven't found the perfect fit yet.

* I got a new computer, a Mac! I love it! I wish I had more time to play with it, but as things stand I can barely get a chance to check e-mails until the weekends.

* I miss all of the interaction with my online family. I rarely get to visit anyone's blog, much less leave a comment. But I hope all is well with you all. I don't know if/when I will ever be able to post again, so take care and here are a couple of updated photos of my sweetheart!!!