Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Most Exciting Part of my Life

Hello everyone,
Much has been going on in life in the last year. Baby Jordyn is wonderful and still the most exciting part of my life! She's walking, talking singing, dancing and praising! She's a complete blessing and joy!

My sister, Aleta, and I just became independent distributors for SendOutCards. We call our business Thanks and Thoughts. This service helps you stay in contact with family, friends, loved ones and business contacts. It's great for birthdays, holidays, announcements, invitations and any other occasion.

What's so special about this is that these are REAL cards sent from the Internet. If you've ever used online bill pay, the process here is similar. Type in a name and a physical mailing address and the person gets a card in their mailbox from the mailman. No going to the store. No trips to the post office! No one else reaching for the card you're reaching for at the same time. Send cards and gifts from your home or work or while you're traveling . . . anywhere that you have an address and the Internet you can send a card. There are over 13,000 cards in the system, but you can also upload your own photos and/or create custom cards. There's a contact manager and birthday reminder also! Send one card to multiple people or multiple cards to multiple people with a couple of keystrokes.

I would be SO honored if some of my online sisters would try this system. It won't cost you a dime to try it. Simply connect to our website and click send a free card! (Remember, this is not an e-card!) An audio prompter will walk you through the system or feel free to give me or Aleta a call for us to personally walk you through this dynamic system.

We absolutely love and and believe you will too. Worst case scenario, you send a free card or two. Best case scenario, you like it and want to become a customer or distributor. You'll be glad you did.