Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Morning Manna & Heavenly Ham

Pastor Jason Perry of Centennial, Colorado recently published a new book called Morning Manna: Looking For God in Everyday Life. It's a collection of devotionals from many years of Pastor Perry's e-mails to youth to encourage them in daily life. The Tattered Cover is a renowned Colorado bookstore and they invited Pastor Perry to come read selections from his book, share insights and sign books for admirers.

One particular reading that touched me explained how Pastor Perry used to work at a company called Heavenly Ham. Although he had a bachelor's and master's degree, the family was going through hard times, expecting a child and in need of extra cash. At Heavenly Ham, Pastor Perry was responsible for "anything" that needed to be done from janitorial work, to making sandwiches, to managing or cashiering. Whatever needed to be done, he needed to be faithful to what God had called him to do for that time. Pastor Perry WAS faithful and we see that God has raised Pastor Perry from the "depths" to touch the lives of many through his books & ministry.

Pastor Perry's duties at Heavenly Ham are similar to my duties at work, too. I have to admit that lately my attitude has not been very good. It's been prideful and arrogant as if the work was beneath me. But now I understand that God may be trying to humble me, like he did with Pastor Perry. It was very inspiring to listen to him at the Tattered Cover and recommit myself to the goals God has given me. Somehow, I feel my path and Pastor Perry's path may be similar if I will be diligent with my writing.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Last week, we decided to have some lights put in the backyard. Gerald did a great job of interviewing and selecting contractors to get the job done. Even though he probably could have put the lights in himself, he's been traveling a lot.

In any case, the light contractor arrived and put all of the lights in the yard but needed an electrical contractor to install a switch in the backyard. The electrical guy came, but refused to do the job when he saw a wasp nest about baseball size in the electrical box. It's a mystery how the wasps got in the box, but it must have been through a VERY small hole. Determined little things . . .

Armed with some special wasp killer that wouldn't set the electrical box on fire, Gerald stood with courage and bravely sprayed the nest two or three times. Wasps dead. I guess he's going to remove the nest today because the directions said to wait 24 hours before removing the nest. In any case, the lights around the yard look great. Good job, G!!

Fires. Wasps. What's next???

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ali and King

Here are a couple of photos from a costume party at Gerald's job. The event was in August in Washington DC, so of course you have to see the White House in the background. Gerald spent a lot of time getting his costume together. His Mom sewed MUHAMMAD ALI on the back of his championship robe (which he special ordred from the net) and Gerald also traveled to Castle Rock about 20 miles south of our home, to get his prize fighter's belt. Hand wraps and red Everlast boxing gloves completed the get up.

Mr. King's player suit, knuckle rings, Heatmiser-hair, bristly mustache and cane had him looking just like the real deal. In fact, he jumped out from behind a pole at the costume party shouting "There's my fighter!!", much to Ali's surprise.

Overall, they were the world's best looking brother-in-laws and the hit of the event, no pun intended! (8/13)